The Garnitures from SP4U keep your dimensional stability like the roundness of your product intact for a very long time, due to the choice of materials and the way we have hardened it. SP4U is hardening through the complete garniture material not only the surface, but this also gives you the guarantee that it will last longer and keep your demands guaranteed for a long time.

Due to the use of high-quality materials such as this PM steel and carbide, we are able to realise major lifetime improvements and reduce machine downtime for our customers. PM process achieves better overall tooling economy through better machinability, better dimensional stability, and longer tool life. These properties will reduce the need for maintenance and increase the availability in your production and keep the properties like roundness stable for a very long time.


All the wear parts are available for these Garnitures delivered by SP4U. By ordering the OEM code or our article code on the parts we have already delivered. These Parts have of course the same quality as described above.