SPEEPARTS is an expert on cutting tools for industrial machines, special high-volume machines, where quality matters.

Speeparts is also a partner in all kinds of development for cutting / guiding solutions of your machine, email or call us and make use of our expertise in this area.
If you have a complaint, a thought, a drawing, or a sketch, or if you want to know what the best material and the best fit is for your machine, Speeparts is your partner. With numerous years of experience, our engineers will be able to help you with their knowledge.

If you have guiding parts or cutting parts that are in contact with your fast-moving product and wear is a big issue, we have several solutions for any process, as an example; for textile, rubber, plastic, carton, glass, etc. For more information, you can always ask us about this.

We are proud (but it is not our goal) to make parts cheaper, this often comes together with a better-quality solution.

Several customers have chosen us as their new partner because although they had a good product from our competitor, thought prices were too high and therefore asked us to produce the same at a lower price. After checking there is no patent on this product, we have done this often.

Our goal is to make and redesign products and give the same a better performance and fewer stops on your machine.  This means overall better and lower-priced products for our customers.

Below some samples of knives, we have made for several customers in the process industry;

Cut-off knives

Trimming knives

Food knives

Medical knives

Process knives

Other Industries