This Suction Drum is designed to grow with you and is usable in different settings, meaning switching the cork paper is no problem, you close or open the holes in the suction pattern and the job is done.

The advantage of this drum divined in each part described as below:


Another improvement from SP4U is the aluminum Body, this is saving you a lot of weight. This weight reduction is giving a longer lifetime on the shaft and the equipment where this drum is running on. Just for you to know that a normal OEM drum weights around the 11,5-12 Kg, with this aluminum design the drum only weight 6,5 kg.


Ceramic is one of the hardest materials available and is giving you an extremely long wear resistance to the segments. Opening and closing the holes in this segment can be done by us or your engineers, to keep the production running and saving time. Epoxy to close holes on the pattern is available. Opening holes is done by a simple drill also this could be done by you or SP4U.


These knives are used up to 4 times, by flipping and turning. Of course, the knives are made of the used SP4U carbide quality. By ordering a spare set you can change them after these 4 times, done by your engineers.

Also, SP4U has reasonable delivery times with high reliability. “ Do what you promised” is a slogan that is the best fit for our company policy.

Good to know is that you change the segments around the time you have used 4 sets of knives. At that time you need to replace the segments by sending the drum back to SpeeParts4U. Be aware that this running time is 3 to 4 times longer than any competitor.

You as a customer can flip the knives 16 times by yourself without having to send everything back to Sp4U. This is saving you costs on shipping, regrinding, and making the drum round.